Sailboat Parts Explained: Illustrated Guide (with Diagrams)

When you first get into sailing, there are a lot of sailboat parts to learn. Scouting for a good guide to all the parts, I couldn't find any, so I wrote one

By Shawn Buckles Sailing Guides
Cruising yacht with mainsail, headsail, and gennaker
The Ultimate Guide to Sail Types and Rigs (with Pictures)
Sailboat in front of NYC with Bermuda mainsail and Jib
Guide to Understanding Sail Rig Types (with Pictures)


How To Sail Into the Wind (in 7 Simple Steps)

Sailing into the wind seems like Poseidon's magic, but once you learn how to set up your sails and hold the correct course, you can do it. This article

By Matej Stepan Sailing Guides
Sailor's point of view heeling into the sunset
What’s the Largest Boat One Person Can Operate?
3 Sailboats with dark sails under dark clouds at sunset
Is It Dangerous to Sail in a Thunderstorm?


How Much Do Sailing Lessons Cost?

If you're new to sailing and want to learn the old-fashioned way, you need to take sailing lessons. But are they as expensive as people say? And what's a good

By Shawn Buckles Beginner Info
Lean sailboat in blue, protected waters with just the mainsail up
Average Cost of Buying & Owning a Sailboat (With 4 Examples)
Wooden boardwalk in marina with boats tied up on either side
How Much Does it Cost to Dock a Boat for a Year?
Beautiful white gaff-rigged cutter with gaff top sail and two staysails
How Much Do New Sails Cost?

Here's What Shoes to Wear Sailing (and which not)

By Shawn Buckles in Beginner Info

List of 50 Popular Sailboat Brands (With Examples)

By Matej Stepan in Beginner Info

How To Use Your Mainsheet Traveler (The Right Way)

By Matej Stepan in Beginner Info

Here's What to Wear Sailing in the UK

By Elizabeth Harris in Beginner Info

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Captain's License?

By Matej Stepan in Beginner Info

You Need This Much Water on a Boat (Per Person Per Day)

By Matej Stepan in Beginner Info
Gaff rigged white schooner

17 Sailboat Types Explained: How To Recognize Them

By Shawn Buckles in Beginner Info

How Often Should You Antifoul a Boat?

By William Porter in Beginner Info
Sailboat half sunk under grey sky

Boat Insurance Should Cover These 10 Basic Things

By William Porter in Beginner Info

Does Boat Insurance Cover Sinking?

By William Porter in Beginner Info