About Me

Hi, I'm Shawn, and when I was 2 years old, I was sailing (with my parents) on the English Channel during a proper storm (and by proper I mean something along the lines of force 10). Since then I've enjoyed sailing very much - and I've never been afraid of the water again.

I've been fascinated with sailing from a young age. It truly is the one mode of transportation that has built human culture and trade. It's not only the most efficient way of transporting goods up till this day, it's also the most enjoyable.

That's why I've dedicated a part of my life to learning about sailing, in order to sail smarter, faster, and smoother - it's the reason my website is called ImproveSailing.

I've sailed an old Cornish Crabber and a double-handed dinghy. The Crabber was a slow but very satisfying boat. The dinghy is faster, has more of a thrill to it, but nothing beats slow and steady cruising for weeks on end across the great lakes of The Netherlands (- which is where I live).

My dream is to own a sea-worthy vessel and sail the world seas. I'm still young (only 28) so there's plenty of room for improvement. Until then I will continue to learn, and nerd out about what I've learned here, on this website.