Buying a sailboat

There's a boat for every budget

A new monohull costs on average $250,000. Second-hand boats are 56% cheaper at $111,000. However, there are a ton of cheaper second-hand boats available, costing way less. I once found a decent sailboat on Craigslist for just $1,500.

New vs. used

You can get bargains if you know where to look

Second-hand sailboats are a lot more affordable, but they do require more maintenance, especially around the 15-20 year mark where you may need to replace sails and rigging.


Worth it depending on your demands

Catamarans are more expensive, but also more comfortable. A typical new catamaran costs $751,000 on average, while second-hand cats costs anywhere from $203,000-$690,000. Again, there are cats available for way less, starting from $6,000.


Also called a tender

Dinghies cost $2,000 - $7,000 on average, but they can start from $200 if you're not particularly picky.