Who Owns the Yachts On Below Deck? (Valor, Ohana, My Seanna)

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The exclusive world of yacht ownership often includes a glamorous and affluent lifestyle. Many of the yacht owners boast impressive net worths, and the costs of these magnificent vessels can range from $10 million to over $50 million. Operating costs also vary significantly, often running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

A few notable owners of the yachts featured on Below Deck include Captain Lee Rosbach, Bobby Genovese, Kim Vibe-Petersen, Frank Zaccaria, Glenn McMahon, David Beran, and Trevor Lee. Some yachts have private owners who would like to remain anonymous.

In this article, you'll learn about some of the backgrounds and financial standings of the yacht owners, as well as the specifications and features that make each vessel unique. So, sit back and immerse yourself in the world of luxury yachting while discovering the people behind these incredible superyachts.

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  • The yachts featured on the show include Valor, Ohana, MY Seanna, Ionian Princess, Eros, Talisman Maiton, Parsifal III, Home, Lady Michelle, Wellington, Sirocco, St. David, Honor, Mercury, and Thalassa.
  • The world of luxury yachts is often shrouded in exclusivity and privacy. In this article, we get to gain glimpses into this opulent lifestyle and appreciate the craftsmanship and extravagance of these magnificent vessels.
  • The builders of some yachts include Admiral in Italy, Perini Navi, Heesen Yachts, Benetti, and Proteksan Turquoise.

Owners of Yachts on Below Deck

Here's a table listing the yachts featured on Below Deck, together with information about each one's owner and their net worth, the yacht's purchase price, and annual operating costs. Note that some numbers are estimates. Additionally, the current value of each yacht may have changed since it was first purchased.

Yacht Owner & Net Worth Yacht Cost Operating Cost per Year
Valor Bobby Genovese - around $200 million $15,000,000 $1 million to $1.5 million
Ohana Captain Lee Rosbach and wife, Lisa - close to $1.5 million $20 million to $40 million 10% to 15% of the yacht's purchase price
MY Seanna Seanna Yacht Holdings LLC $45 million $2.5 million to $3 million
Ionian Princess not publicly known $15 million $1 million to $1.5 million
Eros not publicly known $1.5 million $200,000 to $400,000
Talisman Maiton Pears Brothers - $3 billion $40 million $3 to $6 million
Parsifal III Kim Vibe-Petersen - $200 Million $20 million 10% of the yacht's value (approximately $2 million)
Home Frank Zaccaria - around $200 million around $34 million $3 million to $5 million
Lady Michelle Mike Fernandez - $500 million $20 and $40 million 10% of its purchase price (approximately $2 to $4 million)
Wellington not publicly known $20 million 10% to 20% of the yacht's value
Sirocco Glenn McMahon - around $200 million around $18 million 10% of the yacht's value (approximately $1.8 million)
St. David David Beran - around $350 million around $35 million $3.5 million to $7 million
Honor not publicly known $10 million to $20 million or more 10% of the yacht's value (approximately $1.5 million)
Mercury not publicly known $15 million 10% of the vessel's initial purchase price
Thalassa Trevor Lee and his wife, Keri Craig-Lee - $580 million in 2016 $25 million 10% of its initial purchase price
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You may consult an expert or yacht broker to get a more accurate cost estimate for a specific yacht. The operating costs of each yacht can vary based on a number of factors, including the size, age, and condition of the yacht, as well as the location of the yacht and the level of use.

Valor yacht is also known as BG Charade

The proud owner of this luxurious vessel is Canadian entrepreneur Bobby Genovese. Though his exact net worth is not public knowledge, Bobby has made a fortune through his successful ventures and investments.

Valor, a 46.88-meter Feadship yacht, has had quite the journey. Built in 1990 and refitted in 2015, Bobby acquired this beauty for a rumored $15,000,000 in that same year. This nearly 154-foot-long yacht can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests and comes with a crew of 10 members.

When it comes to operating costs, you should be aware that renting Valor for your dream vacation will set you back a considerable amount. It is available for charter starting at $260,000 per week, excluding expenses. However, keep in mind that chartering this celebrity-favorite vessel will undoubtedly be a lavish and unforgettable experience.

Ohana is built by Admiral in Italy

The Ohana yacht, featured on Below Deck, is owned by Captain Lee Rosbach and his wife, Lisa. They reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have owned the yacht for over ten years. The couple has two children: a son and a daughter. While we don't have an exact number for their net worth, it is safe to assume that they are quite successful in the yachting industry.

Ohana is a 154-foot (47-meter) long motor yacht built by Admiral in Italy. The cost of the yacht might vary depending on its age, condition, and customization. However, yachts of similar size on the market may lie within the range of $20 million to $40 million. Keep in mind that these numbers are just an estimate; the actual price of Ohana may be different.

Operating a yacht like Ohana can be costly. Some of the annual expenses of maintaining and running a yacht of this size can include fuel, crew salaries, insurance, maintenance, dockage fees, and more. It is typically estimated that the annual operating cost falls between 10% and 15% of the yacht's purchase price. For Ohana, this would mean an operating cost in the ballpark of $2 million to $6 million per year.

Your luxurious vacation on the MY Seanna

The owner of MY Seanna is an entity called Seanna Yacht Holdings LLC, and the net worth of the company is not publicly known. The estimated purchase cost of the yacht is $45 million, and the estimated annual operating cost is $2.5 million to $3 million.

MY Seanna is a 164-foot-long vessel, will come at a pretty penny. The yacht is available for charter at a starting price of $260,000 per week. Keep in mind that this cost doesn't include expenses, which means you'll need to budget for additional costs during your adventure.

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Operating costs for a yacht like MY Seanna can be quite significant, but exact figures are tough to come by. While we don't have specific details for this particular yacht, you should be aware that operating costs typically include fuel, maintenance, insurance, crew salaries, and provisions. These expenses can add up quickly, so it's essential to be aware of them when planning your luxurious getaway.

Ionian Princess is a majestic yacht

The owner of the Ionian Princess, a 182-foot-long vessel, prefers to keep their identity private. While the exact net worth of the owner is not publicly available, you can assume they have a substantial fortune considering the yacht's impressive features and the costs associated with yacht ownership.

As you admire the Ionian Princess, it's natural to wonder about its price tag. Built in 2006 and last refitted in 2021, this luxurious yacht has a base price of $495,000 per week for charters. Featuring an exquisite interior designed by Pavlik Design Team and an exterior crafted by Setzer Design Group, this vessel is a true work of art.

Owning a yacht like the Ionian Princess comes with considerable operating costs. These expenses include crew salaries, insurance, maintenance, fuel, docking fees, and additional services such as food and beverage provisions. While exact operational costs might vary, owning a yacht of this caliber can cost millions annually.

Eros yacht had its moment in the limelight during Season 3 of Below Deck

The Eros yacht was renamed for the TV show, but its actual name is Mustang Sally. Although its owner is not directly mentioned, we do know it's a luxurious vessel available for charter. That said, it is not easy to estimate the net worth of the owner. If you're curious about other yacht owners from the show, consider Bobby Genovese, the owner of the Valor yacht. He is a successful entrepreneur with a net worth of around $200 million.

While the exact purchase price of the Eros is not publicly available, similar yachts of the same size and age have been known to cost tens of millions of dollars. For example, the Valor yacht costs around $15,000,000. Keep in mind that yacht prices can vary widely based on factors such as age, brand, customizations, and maintenance history.

Operating a yacht like Eros incurs significant expenses. The average annual costs can be roughly divided as follows:

Crew salaries: This is usually the largest expense, accounting for about 50% of the total operating cost. Expect to pay anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 per year for a full-time crew.

Maintenance and repairs: Depending on the yacht's age and condition, this can be around 10–20% of the total operating cost.

Dockage and storage fees: These can vary depending on the location and marina services, accounting for about 10–15% of the operating costs.

Fuel: Fuel expenses can be quite significant, as yachts like Eros consume large amounts of fuel. This can be around 10–15% of the total operating cost.

Insurance: Yacht insurance costs depend on the vessel's value, with estimates ranging from 1–3% of the yacht's value annually.
Given these factors, the annual operating cost of a yacht like Eros could be around 10% of its value.

Talisman Maiton was featured in Below Deck Mediterranean's third season

The owners of Talisman Maiton are the Pears Brothers, British businessmen and philanthropists with an estimated net worth of $3 billion. Talisman Maiton is a 177-foot luxury yacht that was built in 2006 by Proteksan Turquoise and underwent a major refit in 2017.

Talisman Maiton is an impressive superyacht that boasts a spacious sun deck, an eclectically styled interior with Art Deco features, and numerous amenities to ensure the comfort of its guests. As a result, you can expect the yacht's cost to be quite considerable. To charter this beauty for a week, it is estimated that you'll need to pay around €231,000 during the low season and €266,000 in the high season.

Operational costs for a superyacht such as Talisman Maiton can be quite substantial. It's essential to consider the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, and crew salaries. While exact figures for Talisman Maiton are not available, yachts of a similar caliber could incur operating costs in the ballpark of $1–3 million per year. This estimate is based on several factors, such as the size and age of the vessel and its intended use (whether for private or commercial charter purposes).

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Parsifal III was built by Perini Navi

The Parsifal III is currently owned by Danish entrepreneur Kim Vibe-Petersen. Kim is the CEO of the firm Scanomat, which designs automatic coffee brewers and coffee machines. His estimated net worth is $200 million. Vibe-Petersen's successful business ventures suggest that he is quite wealthy.

Parsifal III is a 54-meter (177-foot) sailing yacht built in 2005 by Perini Navi. While the exact cost of this luxury yacht is not disclosed, similar yachts built by Perini Navi in the same size range can cost upwards of $20 million.

Operating costs for a yacht like Parsifal III vary based on several factors, such as maintenance, crew, and fuel expenses. In general, the annual operating cost of a yacht can be estimated at around 10% of the yacht's value. Based on this estimate and the potential $20 million cost of Parsifal III, you can expect an annual operating cost of approximately $2 million.

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To help you better understand the expenses involved, here's a breakdown of typical operating costs:

Crew wages: Yachts of this size typically require a professional crew of 7 to 10 members. The total annual cost for a crew can range from $300,000 to $500,000.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including annual haul-outs, paint jobs, and system upkeep, is necessary to keep the yacht in top condition. These costs can come in at around $200,000 to $400,000 per year.

Fuel: Depending on the yacht's engine, fuel consumption, and usage, annual fuel costs can range between $100,000 and $300,000.

Insurance: Yacht insurance premiums can be significant, with costs varying based on the value and specifics of your yacht. Expect to pay around $100,000 to $200,000 per year for insurance on a yacht of this caliber.

Dockage and other fees: Dockage fees, as well as other expenses such as customs fees, taxes, and permits, can also contribute to your annual operating costs. These can vary greatly depending on where and how frequently you use your yacht, but might add up to around $100,000 to $200,000 per year.

Home was custom-built by Heesen Yachts

The yacht Home, featured on Below Deck, is owned by an American entrepreneur named Frank Zaccaria. Frank has made a fortune in various industries, including real estate development, construction, and luxury yachting. As a result, it's estimated that his net worth is around $200 million.

Home is a stunning 164-foot yacht that was custom-built by Heesen Yachts in 2017. As a state-of-the-art vessel, it boasts impressive eco-friendly features like an energy-efficient power system and extensive noise and vibration reduction. When it comes to pricing, the yacht Home is valued at around $34 million.

When it comes to enjoying a luxurious lifestyle aboard a superyacht like Home, there are significant operating costs to consider. Some of the expenses you'll need to account for include fuel, crew salaries, maintenance, and insurance. Typically, for a yacht of Home's size and caliber, annual operating costs can range from $3 million to $5 million.

Here's a breakdown of the key operating costs:

Fuel: With a large tank capacity of 30,000 liters and an approximate consumption of 1,000 liters per hour, fuel expenses can add up quickly. At cruising speed, Home can travel up to 4,500 nautical miles.

Crew Salaries: For a yacht like Home, a professional crew of around 12 members would be required. Salaries for these crew members can range from $60,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on their position and experience.

Maintenance: Annual maintenance costs for Home can vary, but they generally hover around 2-5% of the yacht's value. This includes tasks such as cleaning, painting, and repairing any wear and tear.

Insurance: Yacht insurance premiums depend on various factors, but for a yacht like Home, it could cost between $100,000 and $300,000 per year.

Lady Michelle was built by Benetti

The owner of Lady Michelle is Mike Fernandez, who is a successful businessman and philanthropist with an estimated net worth of $500 million. Lady Michelle was built in 2007 and underwent a major refit in 2019. The yacht is available for charter and has been featured on the Below Deck franchise.

The Lady Michelle yacht is an exquisite vessel that combines elegance and grandeur, ensuring your sailing experience is lavish and unforgettable. Built by the reputable Benetti shipyard, this 164-foot superyacht boasts remarkable features and amenities. Though the exact cost of Lady Michelle is not publicly available, similar yachts built by Benetti can range between $20 and $40 million, depending on the level of customization and amenities.

Operating a superyacht like Lady Michelle can be quite expensive. Generally speaking, the annual operating costs of a yacht can amount to approximately 10% of its purchase price. For Lady Michelle, these costs might include crew salaries, maintenance and repairs, insurance and port fees, fuel, and provisions.

Considering the estimated value of Lady Michelle, you can expect the annual operating expenses to be in the range of $2 to $4 million. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimation, as operating costs will vary depending on usage and maintenance requirements.

The Wellington is also known as M/Y Wellesley

The owner of this magnificent vessel prefers to remain anonymous, which is quite common in the world of yachting. However, estimates suggest that the owner's net worth is in the multi-million-dollar range, considering the value and upkeep of the yacht.

The Wellington yacht is nothing short of breathtaking with its sleek design and luxurious amenities. To give you an idea of its value, the cost to rent the yacht for summer charters starts at €230,000, or $273,500 per week. For winter charters, the price slightly decreases to €220,000 or $259,500 per week. It's worth mentioning that these prices are exclusive of expenses, making it quite an investment for anyone looking to experience life on The Wellington firsthand.

Operating a yacht like The Wellington is an expensive undertaking. Although the exact operating costs are difficult to calculate without knowledge of the crew size, maintenance needs, and fuel consumption, estimates suggest that operating costs for a yacht of this caliber can range from 10% to 20% of the yacht's value per year. This includes expenses such as fuel, insurance, dock fees, crew wages, and maintenance and repairs.

Sirocco was built by Heesen Yachts

Sirocco, one of the stunning yachts featured on Below Deck Mediterranean, is owned by Glenn McMahon. Glenn has an estimated net worth of around $200 million. His wealth comes from various successful business ventures and investments. More information about Glenn can be found here.

Built in 2006 by the respected Heesen Yachts, Sirocco measures 154 feet in length. This luxurious vessel features six cabins that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. If you're wondering about the cost of this masterpiece, Sirocco has an estimated value of around $18 million. Check out more details about the yacht here.

Operating a yacht like Sirocco comes with significant expenses. On average, you can expect to spend around 10% of the yacht's total value per year on operating costs. This includes crew salaries, maintenance, fuel, insurance, and other associated expenses. For Sirocco, this means you're looking at an annual operating cost of approximately $1.8 million. Keep in mind that these costs can vary depending on how frequently the yacht is used, and where it's cruising. Find more information on yacht operating costs here.

St David was built by Benetti

The magnificent St. David is owned by Czech millionaire David Beran, who was born on September 26, 1967. Beran is the founder of the Profireal Group, one of the largest financial companies in Czechia. He has a glamorous wife, Terezia Dobrovolna, a Czech model. Together, they enjoy the opulence and prestige that the yacht offers. Although his precise net worth isn't publicly disclosed, it's evident that he has amassed a significant fortune to own such a luxurious yacht.

St. David is a 60-meter (197ft) superyacht delivered in 2008 by the renowned Italian shipyard Benetti. It boasts a stunning, supercar-inspired profile that instantly draws attention wherever it goes. Since the yacht is fully customized, featuring interior and exterior designs by the British studio Winch Design, the exact cost of building St. David may vary. However, given the details and the typical market value of similar luxury yachts, it's safe to say that it has a value of around $35 million.

As an owner of St. David, you would likely need to cover costs such as fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance, and various provisions for guests. Generally, it's estimated that maintaining a superyacht can cost between 10% and 20% of the yacht's value annually. So, given the approximate $35 million worth of St. David, you could expect to spend around $3.5 million to $7 million per year to keep this striking vessel in tip-top shape, and provide the lavish experience that it's known for.

Honor is also known as Lumiere

Honor was the yacht featured in the first season of Below Deck. The Italian-made luxury yacht's owner remains undisclosed, but it's known that the yacht has a history under the names Barents, Sotavento, Cuor di Leone, and Lionheart. While the exact net worth of the owner is not available, you can assume that they have significant wealth, as owning and maintaining a yacht of this caliber typically requires considerable financial resources.

While purchasing a yacht like Honor or Lumiere can vary in cost depending on factors such as age, condition, and manufacturer, the price can generally range from around $10 million to $20 million or more. To obtain a more accurate cost estimate for an individual yacht, it's essential to consult an expert or yacht broker.

You can expect to spend around 10% of the yacht's value annually on operating expenses. These expenses might include crew salaries, fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs, dockage fees, and food and provisions for guests. If Honor is valued at $15 million, the annual operating costs could amount to approximately $1.5 million. However, these costs will vary depending on the specific yacht, its usage, and other circumstances.

Mercury cruises through the breathtaking Norwegian fjords

The charter superyacht Mercury is an impressive vessel exploring the majestic Norwegian fjords. Unfortunately, the specific owner's name and net worth are not publicly disclosed. However, you can assume that they likely have significant wealth, as owning and operating a superyacht is no small feat and is typically reserved for the wealthy.

The cost of buying a superyacht like Mercury can vary greatly depending on its size, features, and overall luxury. While the exact cost of Mercury is not publicly available, superyachts can range in price from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. It's safe to assume that Mercury's price tag lies within those ranges, given its appearance on the popular reality show.

Operating costs for a superyacht like Mercury can also vary widely. Some of the typical costs include:

Fuel: Superyachts can consume huge amounts of fuel, leading to daily expenses in the thousands.

Crew salaries: A superyacht typically employs a full-time crew to maintain and operate the vessel, with salaries depending on the crew member's role and experience.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, refits, and repairs are essential for keeping a superyacht in top condition, and these costs can add up quickly.

Docking fees: Finding space to dock a large vessel like Mercury can be expensive, especially in sought-after locations.

To give you a general idea, annual operating costs for a superyacht usually amount to about 10% of the vessel's initial purchase price. Keep in mind that every yacht will have unique expenses depending on various factors, so this estimation might not reflect Mercury's exact operating cost.

Thalassa is also known as Keri Lee III

Thalassa is owned by Australian businessman Trevor Lee and his wife, fashion designer Keri Craig-Lee. Their combined estimated net worth is not publicly available, but they have successfully made careers in both the business and fashion sectors. Keri is a renowned fashion designer in Australia, having established her eponymous label, Keri Craig.

The cost of the Thalassa or Keri Lee III is not disclosed, but luxury superyachts of similar size typically cost tens of millions of dollars. For a comparison, the St. David, a yacht featured in season 10 of Below Deck, has a sales price of around $20.6 million.

Generally, it is estimated that the annual operating cost for a yacht is around 10% of its initial purchase price. For a yacht like Thalassa or Keri Lee III, these costs could include crew salaries, ongoing maintenance, fuel, food, and insurance expenses. Please note that specific operational costs for Thalassa or Keri Lee III are not publicly available, and this is a general estimation based on industry standards.

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