Sophia is a writer and Medior Editor at She's published almost 100,000 words on sailing with the goal of ridding the internet of fluff.

Sophia Roa has written about a range of topics, including beekeeping, the life of honeybees, smallholdings, fish farming, mushroom farming, and tree farming. She is now venturing into a different niche that involves sailing, sailboats, and becoming a sailor.

Even before she started blogging, she had aspirations of building her own farm where she could grow herbs and vegetables, as well as a garden full of flowers for the bees. Call it serendipity? Perhaps it's destiny. She plans to accomplish these dreams before turning 30 this year.

When she's not writing, you can find her in the kitchen baking her favorite focaccia, sipping tea, listening to music, or hanging out with her Golden Retrievers.

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