How Much Is a 4-Day Charter On Below Deck? (2023 Costs)

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Chartering a Below Deck yacht offers unparalleled luxury, personal attention, and the chance to explore stunning destinations. The costs for a 4-day charter vary depending on factors like the yacht and the season. During the off-peak season, which runs from October to May, you might find lower charter costs.

The cost to charter a Below Deck yacht for four days ranges from $24,000 to $200,000, depending on the specific yacht you choose. Additional costs such as crew gratuity, fuel, dockage fees, and provisioning allowance range from $36,342 to $115,714 for a 4-day yacht rental.

For a 4-day charter, you can expect to pay around 57% of the weekly rate. These prices are based on a full-price charter. Guests who appear on the show receive a 50% discount on their three-day charters, and their airfare is also covered by the production crew.


  • Crew gratuity is customary and typically ranges from 15% to 20% of the total charter cost.
  • On-board activities include water toys like jet skis, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment.
  • Some yachts offer spa services like massages or beauty treatments.

Let's Break Down the Costs of a 4-Day Charter

Here's a table of the base costs to charter the yachts on Below Deck for four days.

Yachts on Below Deck 4-Day Charter Cost (Base Price)
Parsifal III $132,571 to $153,714 (€112,685 to €130,656)
MY Seanna $171,429 to $200,000 (€145,714 to €170,000)
Mercury $33,143 to $38,286 (€28,171 to €32,543)
St David $137,143 to $150,286 (€116,571 to €127,743)
Valor $102,857 to $120,000 (€87,428 to €102,000)
Ohana $80,000 to $91,429 (€68,000 to €77,714)
Wellington $125,714 to $142,857 (€106,857 to €121,928)
Sirocco $122,857 to $137,143 (€104,428 to €116,571)
Talisman Maiton $170,857 to $191,429 (€145,228 to €162,714)
Honor $150,286 to $164,286 (€127,743 to €139,643)
Eros $24,000 to $28,000 (€20,400 to €23,800)
Thalassa $58,286 to $65,143 (€49,543 to €55,372)
Home $137,143 to $150,286 (€116,571 to €127,743)
Ionian Princess $95,429 to $109,143 (€81,114 to €92,771)
Lady Michelle $160,000 to $180,000 (€136,000 to €153,000)
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In addition to the base costs, there are a few extra expenses you should be aware of when planning your Below Deck charter experience:

  • Crew tips: It's customary to tip the yacht crew at least 20% of the total charter fee. Depending on the quality of service you receive, some guests tip even more generously.
  • Food and beverages: High-end gourmet meals and premium drinks can significantly increase your total costs. Discuss your preferences with the crew beforehand to avoid any surprises.
  • Port fees and taxes: Depending on your destination, there might be port fees and taxes applicable to your charter. Make sure to account for these potential costs while planning your budget.
  • Optional excursions: Excursions like water sports, spa treatments, or guided tours are not typically included in the base charter fee. Plan and budget for these unique experiences separately.

Below Deck Mediterranean vs. Below Deck Sailing Yacht

For a 4-day charter experience on Below Deck Mediterranean, you can expect costs to vary depending on the yacht and season. To give you an idea, the weekly rate of the yacht featured on the show ranges from $24,500 to $350,000, with off-peak season rates between $21,000 and $315,000 per week.

To calculate the approximate 4-day cost, let's use the midpoint of the ranges. The average between $24,500 and $350,000 is $187,250, and between $21,000 and $315,000 is $168,000. You can expect the following costs for a 4-day charter:

  • Peak Season: $106,857 (approx.)
  • Off-Peak Season: $96,000 (approx.)
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For Below Deck Sailing Yacht, the charter costs will differ depending on the sailing yacht chosen and the season. For instance, charter rates for sailing yachts similar to those featured on the show start at $140,000/week plus expenses. To give you another example, the cost to charter the 164ft Benetti Custom Mega Yacht from the original show starts at $275,000/week.

Let's use the $140,000 per week rate as a reference point. Thus, the approximate 4-day charter cost for a Below Deck Sailing Yacht would be:

  • Any Season: $80,000 (approx.)
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Below Deck Charter Experience

Amenities and services of the yachts

During your 4-day charter on Below Deck, you can expect top-notch amenities and services to ensure a memorable experience. You'll have access to luxurious facilities, including spacious cabins, en-suite bathrooms, and well-equipped lounges. Many of the yachts also offer impressive outdoor spaces such as sun decks, outdoor dining areas, and hot tubs.

As for on-board activities, look forward to water toys like jet skis, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment. The highly skilled crew members will provide gourmet meals tailored to your preferences and even cater to special dietary needs. You also have the option to indulge in spa services like massages or beauty treatments, depending on the yacht's offerings.

Crew gratuity for the yacht crew

While you're enjoying your time aboard the Below Deck yacht, the dedicated crew works tirelessly to make your vacation unforgettable. Keep in mind that they rely on tips to supplement their income. It's customary to factor in a crew gratuity, which typically ranges from 15% to 20% of the total charter cost. Make sure to set aside a generous gratuity to show your appreciation for their hard work and exceptional service.

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