How Much Does It Cost to Dock a Catamaran? (7 Locations)

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When it comes to docking your catamaran, expenses can vary greatly depending on the marina's location, amenities, the season, and the size of your boat. As a catamaran owner, you may find it helpful to understand the average docking costs in popular locations, which can assist you in planning your boating adventures and budgeting for marina fees. This article will explore the docking costs for catamarans at seven different locations, providing you with a comprehensive overview.

7 Locations to Dock a Catamaran Cost to Dock a Catamaran
Barcelona (Europe) €2 to €6 per meter per day
Athens (Europe) €225 and €525 per meter per year
Cannes (Europe) €45 to €450 per foot per year
Miami, FL (USA) $800 to $1000 per month
San Diego, CA (USA) $1000 to $1300 per month
Annapolis, MD (USA) $700 to $900 per month
Phuket, Thailand (Asia) $500 to $1,000 per month

Catamarans are up to 20% more expensive to dock than monohulls, and the cost to dock a catamaran in a marina will usually be about twice the cost of a comparable length monohull, since the catamaran's larger beam will generally take up two slips. However, in marinas that have end ties available for catamarans, those docks will usually cost only 25–50% more than a standard slip.


  • Private docks in Fort Lauderdale charge between $800 and $1000, while in Fort Pierce, the rates range from $600 to $800.
  • Mooring balls are a more affordable option, at around $200 to $300 per month.
  • Annual mooring costs in France fluctuate between €135 and €1350/m, while Italy's costs run from €285 to €1350/m per year.
  • Take note of seasonal changes in fees.
  • Ask about possible discounts or special offers for long-term commitments or memberships.

Docking Cost in European Locations

Here, we provide some information on the costs of docking a catamaran in European marinas, focusing on popular destinations like Barcelona, Athens, and Cannes.

Docking Location in Europe Costs of Docking a Catamaran
Barcelona €2 to €6 per meter per day
Athens €225 and €525 per meter per year
Cannes €45 to €450 per foot per year

The cost to dock in Barcelona, Spain, starts from €2 per meter

When deciding to dock your catamaran in Barcelona, you should be aware that fees can vary significantly depending on the marina, boat size, and length of stay. For instance, you may find prices ranging from €2 to €6 per meter, per day. The Port Olympic Marina offers daily, weekly, and monthly options, so you can choose a plan that best fits your needs.

Docking fees in Athens, Greece, start from €75 per foot

Athens also offers a range of mooring fees for your catamaran. The average annual docking fee in Greece is between €225 and €525 per meter per year (or €75 and €175 per foot). Note that seasonal demand may also impact the prices, so book your spot in advance to secure a better rate.

Docking your Catamaran in Cannes, France, can be expensive

Cannes, a popular tourist destination on the French Riviera, offers beautiful scenery and luxurious marinas. However, docking your catamaran here can be quite expensive. While specific prices might vary, it's important to keep in mind that France is generally known for higher mooring fees than some other European countries. Try to research and inquire with various marinas in the area to find a suitable solution for your catamaran docking needs.

Regardless of the location, the larger your catamaran and the longer your stay, the more you can expect to pay for docking fees.

Cost to Dock a Catamaran in American Locations

Docking Location in USA Costs of Docking a Catamaran
Miami, FL $800 to $1000 per month
San Diego, CA $1000 to $1300 per month
Annapolis, MD $700 to $900 per month

Cost of docking a catamaran in Miami, FL, USA

In general, you can expect the cost to be around $1.5 to $2 per foot per day for a regular docking slip. If you sign a monthly contract, the fee starts at $14 per foot. So, for a 45-foot catamaran, you can expect to pay around $800 to $1,000 per month. Remember, these rates may change depending on the season and availability at the marina. Make sure to call ahead and secure your spot early.

Docking your catamaran in San Diego, CA, USA

You will often find that the monthly contract rates in San Diego can be slightly higher than in Miami, ranging from $15 to $18 per foot. For a 45-foot catamaran, this puts the cost at around $1,000 to $1,300 per month. Of course, these rates can vary based on the marina location, so it's best to shop around and find the best deal that suits your needs.

Docking fees in Annapolis, MD, USA

Annapolis, located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, is another excellent option for docking your catamaran. The cost of docking in this well-known sailing destination is slightly lower than Miami and San Diego. Here, you can expect to pay around $1.2 to $1.5 per foot per day for a slip.

The monthly rates for docking your catamaran in Annapolis typically range between $12 and $15 per foot. This means that for a 45-foot catamaran, the cost will be approximately $700 to $900 per month. Keep in mind that Annapolis tends to have a high demand for slips, so be sure to book early to secure a space at your preferred marina.

Cost of Docking Your Catamaran in Asian Locations

One popular destination for catamaran owners is Phuket, Thailand. Here, you can find a range of options that cater to various budgets and preferences, ensuring a friendly and accommodating experience.

Docking Location in Asia Costs of Docking a Catamaran
Phuket, Thailand $500 to $1,000 per month

Cost to dock a catamaran in Phuket, Thailand

Docking your catamaran in Phuket offers a blend of affordability and convenience. You'll find several marinas in the area with a variety of services and amenities for you to choose from.

  • Daily Rates: In Phuket, daily mooring fees for catamarans typically start around $1 per foot. For a 40-foot catamaran, you can expect to pay around $40 per day. Of course, these rates may vary depending on the marina you choose and the time of year.

  • Monthly Rates: If you're planning to stay in Phuket for an extended period, monthly rates could be a more cost-effective option. On average, monthly mooring fees for a 40-foot catamaran range from $500 to $1,000. Keep in mind that costs may fluctuate based on seasonality and marina location.

  • Additional Services: Some marinas in Phuket offer extra services like maintenance, cleaning, and security, which can add to your docking costs. It's a good idea to inquire about any additional fees when choosing a marina, so you can budget accordingly.

Factors Affecting Docking Costs of Catamarans

This section will discuss some of the main aspects that influence the price, such as catamaran size, location selection, length of stay, and docking services.

Larger catamarans have higher docking fees

The size of your catamaran greatly impacts the docking cost, as most marinas charge by the foot. Larger boats require more space and stability, which can result in higher fees. It is essential to know your catamaran's dimensions, including its length, beam (width), and draft (depth), as these measurements will determine the appropriate slip size and corresponding rates.

Location selection to dock your catamaran

Marina prices can vary considerably between different regions and countries. For example, mooring fees in Croatia range between €435 and €1050 per meter annually for a high season contract, while Greece's annual fees are between €225 and €525 per meter. In comparison, Monaco is one of the most expensive destinations, with a berth costing about €1500 per meter per year.

Length of stay of your boat at a marina

Long-term stays typically have discounted rates compared to short-term or daily stays. Moreover, marinas might offer seasonal or annual contracts, which can help you save money if you plan on using the same marina frequently. Docking fees for boats under 30 feet long start at $50 per day and $500 per month, with the total fee depending on the location.

Docking services available at the marina

Some marinas provide amenities like water, electricity, laundry facilities, or access to pump-out stations for an additional charge. Others might include these features in their base docking fee. Be sure to inquire about the fees associated with various services and factor these costs into your overall docking budget.

Ways to Save Docking Costs

In this section, we'll explore some options, such as discounts and special offers, dry docking, and shared docking, that significantly reduce your catamaran's docking costs and put that extra money towards something else, like maintenance or fun on-board experiences.

Discounts and special offers at marinas

Some marinas may offer seasonal discounts, bundled services, or reduced rates for long-term contracts. Moreover, joining a boating club or a marina loyalty program can help you access additional discounts and perks. Don't hesitate to inquire about any available promotions or deals when making docking arrangements.

Dry docking your catamaran

If you don't use your catamaran frequently or you want to store it out of the water during the off-season, consider dry docking or boat storage options. Dry docking not only prevents any potential water-related damage but can also be significantly cheaper than regular docking fees.

Storage facilities often charge a flat rate for a dry dock space, which is usually less expensive than a wet slip. In some cases, you can find dry storage options for as little as $50 per month.

Shared docking splits the cost

Essentially, this means sharing a dock or slip with one or more boats, splitting the costs among the boat owners. This arrangement is most suitable for catamaran owners who have similar usage patterns and are comfortable coordinating their schedules. Be sure to discuss expectations and responsibilities with your dock-sharing partner in advance to avoid any potential conflicts.

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