2023 Cost Of Mediterranean Yacht (As Seen On Below Deck)

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Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean offers an unforgettable experience. With breathtaking views, crystal-clear waters, and exceptional service, these yachts provide memories you'll cherish forever. However, such luxury and convenience come with a price tag, so it's essential to know the costs for different time frames and be prepared when planning your Mediterranean adventure.

The week-long rentals start at €140,000 or $192,000, and monthly rentals start at $768,000. Additional expenses such as fuel are part of the cost of chartering these Mediterranean vessels like the Ionian Princess yacht, Sirocco yacht, Talisman Maiton yacht, The Wellington yacht, and Lady Michelle yacht.

To help you take that first step towards an idyllic holiday, we have collected information on the costs of renting these spectacular Mediterranean yachts, as seen on the popular TV show Below Deck.


  • Chartering a luxury yacht featured in Below Deck Mediterranean comes with various costs, such as the base charter fee, APA, port fees, and gratuities.
  • The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is usually calculated as a percentage of the base charter fee, typically around 20–30%.
  • Port fees can range from €1,000 to €4,000 per day to cover any marina fees, anchor permits, and related expenses.
  • You can tip the yacht crew anywhere from 10–20% of the base charter fee.
  • To ensure that your experience meets your expectations, reach out to a reputable charter broker for accurate quotes and availability.

The Cost of Chartering Mediterranean Yachts

In this section, we will discuss the cost of chartering the yachts featured in Below Deck Mediterranean. The costs will be broken down into weekly and monthly time frames for your convenience.

Please note that these prices are approximate and can vary depending on the season, availability, cruising location, and added benefits or experiences you may want during your charter.

Mediterranean Yacht Cost for Weekly Charter Cost for One Month Charter
Ionan Princess Yacht $260,000 $1,040,000
Sirocco Yacht $192,000 to $213,500 $768,000 to $854,000
Talisman Maiton Yacht $283,000 to $334,500 $1,132,000 to $1,338,000
The Wellington Yacht $273,500 to $259,500 $1,094,000 to 1,338,000
Lady Michelle Yacht $275,000 to $310,000 $1,100,000 to $1,240,000

Note: Prices mentioned here may change or vary depending on various factors. It is always recommended to consult the charter company or reach out to a reputable charter broker for the most accurate and up-to-date rates.

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Base charter fee depends on the yacht and the season

These prices are just for the base fee and do not include additional costs such as the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), port fees, or gratuities. Here's a rough estimation for a one-week charter:

  • Ionian Princess: around €145,000 per week
  • Sirocco: from €180,000 per week
  • Talisman Maiton: from €210,000 per week
  • The Wellington: around €280,000 per week
  • Lady Michelle: starting from €175,000 per week
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Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) for the yachts

The APA is an additional cost that covers expenses during your charter, such as fuel, food, beverages, and other miscellaneous costs. This fee is usually calculated as a percentage of the base charter fee, typically around 20–30%. So, if your base charter fee is €200,000, you can expect to pay an additional €40,000 to €60,000 for the APA.

Port fees for these luxury yachts

Port fees vary depending on the location and size of the yacht. While the exact amount may vary, you should budget for approximately €1,000 to €4,000 per day to cover these expenses. This includes any marina fees, anchor permits, and related expenses.

Gratuities for the yacht crew

It is customary to tip the crew after a successful charter, typically ranging from 10–20% of the base charter fee. For example, for a one-week charter on the Sirocco at €180,000, a tip between €18,000 and €36,000 would be appropriate.

Ionan Princess Yacht Cost

The Ionan Princess Yacht is a luxurious 45.73 m/150 ft superyacht built by Christensen, perfect for your Mediterranean charter experience.

Cost for weekly charter: The yacht offers two master staterooms, an expansive master suite complete with a private study, a comfortable cruising speed of 12 knots, and the ability to accommodate elite guests, making it perfect for a week-long luxury experience. Price: $260,000 per week (approximately)

Cost for shorter time frames: If a week-long charter is not feasible for your schedule, you can still charter the Ionan Princess Yacht for shorter durations. However, specific rates for shorter time frames may not be listed online, and you may have to contact the charter company directly to negotiate your custom package.

Keep in mind that the cost will still be significant, as luxury yacht charters cater to a high-end clientele.

Cost for one month: For an extended vacation, a one-month charter is an unforgettable experience. By choosing a longer duration, you create more opportunities to explore the various charming locales of the Mediterranean in unmatched luxury. Price: $1,040,000 per month (approximately)

Sirocco Yacht Cost

The Sirocco yacht, as seen on Below Deck Mediterranean, is a stunning 154-foot (47-meter) vessel that offers a luxurious getaway experience.

Cost for weekly charter: Chartering the Sirocco yacht for a week is an amazing experience that is worth the cost. For a week-long charter, you can expect to pay anywhere from $192,000 to $213,500, allowing you and your guests to be surrounded by unmatched comfort and style in the Mediterranean.

Cost for shorter time frames: If you're considering a shorter getaway on the Sirocco, you still have options. While finding exact costs for shorter time frames might be a bit challenging, you can expect to pay a pro-rated amount based on the weekly rate. Keep in mind that during peak season, there may be a minimum number of days required for a charter. Don't hesitate to contact a yacht charter company to inquire about pricing and availability for your desired dates.

Cost for one month: For those of you looking for an extended stay aboard the Sirocco yacht, a one-month charter could be a perfect choice. While there are no specific rates listed for a month-long charter, you can estimate the cost by multiplying the weekly rate by four. This would put your approximate cost at around $768,000 to $854,000 for an unforgettable month-long Mediterranean adventure.

Planning your Sirocco yacht charter is a unique opportunity to create lasting memories while exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean. Keep these costs in mind as you decide on the perfect duration for your luxury yacht experience.

Talisman Maiton Yacht Cost

The Talisman Maiton yacht is an elegant and extravagant vessel that will make your Mediterranean getaway truly unforgettable. Boasting an enormous open plan sun deck and an eclectically styled interior with Art Deco features, this luxurious yacht will ensure you have an exceptional time on the water.

Cost for weekly charter: Chartering the Talisman Maiton yacht for a week is an experience like no other. During the low season, you can expect to spend approximately $283,000 per week. Meanwhile, high-season rates can go up to $334,500 per week. Although this may seem extravagant, the unforgettable experience of sailing this luxurious yacht will make every cent a worthwhile investment.

Cost for shorter time frames: If you're looking to charter the Talisman Maiton for a shorter time frame, the cost will vary depending on the duration of your stay and the season. To get an accurate quote for your desired period, it's best to contact the yacht charter company directly. However, keep in mind that shorter time frames may result in a higher cost per day compared to a weekly charter.

Cost for one month: If you're eager to experience the Talisman Maiton yacht for an extended period, such as one month, you're in for a treat. Considering the weekly charter costs provided above, a month-long charter can range from around $1,132,000 to $1,338,000. This estimate may vary depending on the season, availability, and any promotions offered at the time of booking. Ultimately, your Mediterranean adventure aboard the Talisman Maiton yacht will be a memory you'll cherish for a lifetime.

The Wellington Yacht Cost

The Wellington yacht, originally named The Wellesley, is the largest yacht ever featured on any of the Below Deck franchises and the largest Captain Sandy has ever been at the helm of. This luxurious vessel can accommodate up to 12 guests and is fully staffed to ensure a memorable experience as you cruise the Mediterranean.

Cost for weekly charter: Chartering The Wellington yacht for a week is the ultimate way to explore the Mediterranean in style. Summer charters are priced at €230,000 or $273,500 per week plus expenses, while winter charters come in slightly cheaper at €220,000 or $259,500 per week plus expenses.

Cost for shorter time frames: If you're interested in a shorter stay aboard The Wellington, it's essential to reach out to the yacht's management team for a customized quote. While exact prices for shorter charters aren't readily available, you can expect a prorated cost based on the weekly rates.

Cost for one month: A one-month charter aboard The Wellington would be an incredible adventure filled with Mediterranean discoveries. Although specific monthly rates aren't listed, you can estimate the cost by multiplying the weekly rate by the number of weeks in your desired month-long trip. Keep in mind that expenses will vary depending on the season and locations you visit during your Mediterranean exploration.

Overall, The Wellington offers an unparalleled yachting experience, and the costs depend on the time frame and season during which you choose to embark on your Mediterranean journey. Reach out to the yacht's management for more details and to plan your ideal vacation.

Lady Michelle Yacht Cost

Cost for weekly charter: Chartering the Lady Michelle yacht is an excellent choice for a luxurious vacation in the Mediterranean. You can expect to pay around $275,000 per week during the summer and up to $310,000 per week during the peak winter season. Keep in mind that these rates may vary depending on the demand and availability of the yacht.

Cost for shorter time frames: If you're interested in chartering the Lady Michelle for a shorter time frame, you'll need to inquire directly with the charter company. Generally, yachts charge based on a minimum number of days, which typically ranges from 3 to 5 days. The best approach would be to discuss your requirements with the charter agent and negotiate the most suitable pricing for your desired time slot.

Cost for one month: For those looking to enjoy an extended vacation aboard Lady Michelle, you may consider chartering the yacht for a full month. Based on the weekly rates, you can expect to pay around $1,100,000 to $1,240,000 for a one-month charter. However, keep in mind that longer charters might allow for some discounts or a negotiated rate, depending on the length of your stay and your flexibility.

Remember, when chartering a yacht like Lady Michelle, you're getting an incredible experience filled with luxury, adventure, and the finest service. Enjoy your time onboard as you explore the beautiful Mediterranean in style and comfort.

Factors Affecting Charter Costs of a Yacht in the Mediterranean

Here, we'll take a look at some factors, including seasonal fluctuations and additional expenses.

Seasonal fluctuations of chartering yachts

The Mediterranean yacht charter season generally runs from April to October, with the peak months being July and August. During these months, demand is high, and prices tend to be at their highest. However, you can still find great deals during the shoulder months of May, June, September, and October. The weather and sailing conditions vary depending on the time of year, so make sure to do your research and choose the best time to suit your preferences and budget.

Additional expenses for chartering a yacht

Additional expenses such as fuel, food, beverages, and harbor fees can significantly impact your total cost. Most yacht charters operate on an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) basis, which means you will be charged a percentage of the charter fee (usually 20–30%) to cover these additional expenses. It's important to plan and budget for these costs to avoid any surprises.

Remember that tipping the crew is customary, so factor that into your budget as well. A general guideline is 10–15% of the total charter fee, depending on the quality of service.

Yacht charters can also offer optional extras such as water sports equipment, diving gear, or event planning services. These can add to the overall cost, so consider which optional features you'd like to include in your charter experience and inquire about their associated fees.

How to Book a Mediterranean Yacht

Choosing the perfect yacht for your Mediterranean vacation is an exciting step in the planning process. To find the ideal yacht for your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend on your yacht charter experience. The cost to rent a yacht can vary significantly, from €140,000 per week for the Below Deck yachts to more affordable options from various yacht rental services.

  2. Duration: Decide how long you'd like to charter the yacht and plan your itinerary accordingly. This will help you pick the most suitable yacht for your desired time frame.

  3. Guests: Assess the number of guests joining your trip. Ensure the yacht you choose can accommodate everyone comfortably.

  4. Amenities: Consider the type of amenities you'd like on board. These may include gym equipment, watersports equipment, or spa facilities. Make sure the yacht provides the amenities you need for an enjoyable time.

Now that you have an idea of what you're looking for in a yacht, follow these steps to book your Mediterranean yacht experience:

Step 1: Research yacht charter agencies

Start by researching reputable yacht charter agencies, like CharterWorld or Northrop & Johnson. Browse their websites to see the different yachts and itineraries available.

Step 2: Contact a yacht charter broker

Get in touch with a professional yacht charter broker who can help you find the perfect yacht for your needs. Discuss your budget, desired time frame, and preferences with the broker to narrow down your choices.

Step 3: Select your yacht

Choose the yacht that best suits your preferences, budget, and availability. Ensure the yacht is available during your desired dates and confirm the details of the rental agreement.

Step 4: Finalize your booking

Once you've selected your yacht and agreed on the price and rental terms, submit the necessary paperwork and deposits to secure your booking. Make sure to read and understand the contract thoroughly before signing.

How to Save on Yacht Charters

You can save money on your Mediterranean yacht charter experience without compromising on the luxurious amenities and unforgettable memories that a Below Deck-style vacation can provide. In this section, we will explore how you can save on yacht charters by booking in advance and taking advantage of discounts and offers available for the famous yachts seen on Below Deck.

Booking in advance

One of the best ways to save on your yacht charter costs is by booking early. Yacht charter companies often offer early booking discounts to encourage customers to secure their spots ahead of time. By being proactive and booking your yacht charter several months—or even a year—in advance, you can enjoy significant savings and ensure that your desired yacht is available for your chosen dates.

Additionally, booking early will allow you to have more flexibility in selecting the perfect itinerary and destination, avoiding peak travel times, and securing better overall rates for both the yacht and any additional expenses such as food, fuel, and activities.

Discounts and offers

Keep an eye out for special deals and offers when searching for your yacht charter. For instance, CharterWorld provides Mediterranean Yacht Charter Price Deals that can save you up to 40% on your booking. These deals can include last-minute discounts, seasonal promotions, and even package deals that bundle your yacht charter with additional amenities or activities.

When searching for discounts, always check with the yacht charter company or broker to see if they have any exclusive deals or promotions going on. You may also want to consider joining mailing lists or following yacht charter companies on social media to stay informed about the latest offers.

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