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7 Best-Known Routes for Sailing Around the World (with Maps)

Route planning is among the most crucial bits of preparation, especially when it comes to circumnavigation. This article will give you seven of the most

By Matej Stepan Sailing Guides
Sailboat with tender in rocky bay
Can I Moor & Anchor My Boat Anywhere?
Lean sailboat in blue, protected waters with just the mainsail up
How Much Sailboats Cost On Average (380+ Prices Compared)

Learn to Sail

9 Ways to Learn to Sail for (Practically) Free

Don't own a boat, but want to learn to sail? In this article, I'll share some ways that will actually help you to learn to sail and that are either cheap or

By Shawn Buckles Learn to Sail
The Only 50 Sailing Terms You'll Need To Know (With Pictures)
How To Use Your Mainsheet Traveler (The Right Way)

Get Your Boat

Buying Etiquette: How To Make an Offer on a Boat

So you've found your dream boat and you want to make her yours. Before you can make that dream of a weekend on an island a reality, you've got to work out a

By William Porter Beginner Info
15 Surprising Benefits of a Ketch Rig (and 7 Cons)
The Best Boat for Caribbean Island Hopping (Type and Size)

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