Learn to Sail

9 Ways to Learn to Sail for (Practically) Free

Don't own a boat, but want to learn to sail? In this article, I'll share some ways that will actually help you to learn to sail and that are either cheap or

By Shawn Buckles Beginner Info
How to Use a Boat Compass (Complete beginners guide)
Cruising yacht with mainsail, headsail, and gennaker
The Ultimate Guide to Sail Types and Rigs (with Pictures)
How To Sail Into the Wind (in 7 Simple Steps)
The Different Types of Marine Navigation

Maintain Your Boat

If You Don't Winterize Your Boat, Here's What Happens

If you live where it drops below freezing and your boat is more complex than a dinghy, you need to winterize. Failing to winterize can cost yourself money and

By William Porter Maintenance & Tips
The Ultimate Checklist for Winterizing Your Boat (Detailed PDF)
Steel self-taling sailboat winch on blue background
3 Ways to Convert Your Winches to Self-Tailing
Do I Need to Antifoul (Bottom Paint) my Boat? - Sometimes
Dirty freshwater tank with black streaks and grass
How To Clean Your Boat's Freshwater Tank (Plastic & Aluminum)

Costs of Sailing

Average Cost of Buying & Owning a Sailboat (With 4 Examples)

Turns out that owning a boat is pretty affordable. OK, it isn't cheap, but it can absolutely be done on a budget. In this article, I'll show you what to

By Shawn Buckles Sailing Guides
Wooden boardwalk in marina with boats tied up on either side
How Much Does it Cost to Dock a Boat for a Year?
Beautiful white gaff-rigged cutter with gaff top sail and two staysails
How Much Do New Sails Cost?
Sail instructor tows seven dinghies with a powerboat
How Much Do Sailing Lessons Cost?
Two-masted, classical sailboat sailing under power
How Much Fuel Does a Sailboat Use?

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