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How Often Should You Antifoul a Boat?

It's spring, and you're ready to sail after a long, dark winter. Do you really need to get out the rollers and protective gear and put more expensive

By William Porter Beginner Info
Does Bottom Paint Slow Down My Boat?
Beautiful white gaff-rigged cutter with gaff top sail and two staysails
How Much Do New Sails Cost?

Gear Check

41 Sailboat Cruising Essentials for Long Trips

In this post I list the items you are unlikely to have if you have never done bluewater or long-term cruising before. There are some essential safety product

By Shawn Buckles Maintenance
A sailboat at anchor from above in clear blue waters
Must Have Maintenance Products
Best Marine GPS Chartplotter: My top pick for 2021

Getting Ready

The Fastest Boat Bottom Paints: Antifouling for Speed

Whether you're racing your boat or cruising casually, everyone wants to sail faster. Is there a bottom paint that will make your boat sail faster? And is it

By William Porter Maintenance
Dirty freshwater tank with black streaks and grass
How To Clean Your Boat's Freshwater Tank (Plastic & Aluminum)
Old man works on boat engine
How to Clean Marine Exhaust Manifolds (The Best Way)

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