BoatSetter Holiday 10% off

Written by Shawn Buckles in Recommended gear

Thinking of booking a boat for the coming season? This might be the best time to do it!

I just thought to check in real quick to tell you about a special discount for Improve Sailing readers.

If you were already planning to be out on the water next season, you might as well get 10% off your reservation.

Special BlackFriday alert for Improve Sailing readers:

If you book your boat through BoatSetter, you get 10% off from 11/28 - 12/1. Simply use the discount code BLUEFRIDAY10 while booking.

This special promotion runs from November 28 - December 1. Make sure to drop by and make your reservation to get a splashy discount.

You can check out their boats here.

I always think of BoatSetter as the Airbnb of boats - you get access to people's own boats, which makes sure you get the best price. It's a cool concept and it works.

Top tip: you can already check out what they have on hand - just make sure to place your order between 11/28 - 12/1.

So to recap this deal:

  • Go to BoatSetter
  • Use the code BLUEFRIDAY10 with checkout
  • Promotion runs from 11/28 - 1/12

I hope you make use of this great deal and plan yourself an extra cheap vacation!